New Hearing Centre St Annes

New hearing centre for St Annes

Cottam and Glaister have partnered with Irene Taylor Hearing Centre to offer a range of services for people with hearing difficulties and ear related problems.

“We are both independent and share the same values” said Irene. “This means our clients will receive the highest level of service and aftercare for both eyesight and hearing.”

The centre will  offer hearing tests and wax removal by microsuction. We specialise in hearing protection for industry, shooting, musician, motorcyclists and shooting. There will also be an option to try accessories to help with the TV, telephone and television.

“Technology has advanced so much over the last few years” said Irene, “There are now solutions to help people hear in the most difficult listening situations.”

For more information, please contact us here or to book an appointment contact us here.