Roger Inspiro

This wireless teacher microphone is the core component of any Roger system for education. It features two wearable microphone options, simplified menus and customizable soft keys.

Free upgrade!
Schools that own inspiro Premium teacher microphones can immediately upgrade these to Roger functionality for free. Simply use inspiro’s firmware update feature, then add Roger receivers.

Maximum Performance

Roger offers the industry’s best ever speech-in-noise performance, with proven improvements of up to 54% over other FM and digital systems and 35% over Dynamic FM technology.

Zero Hassle

Nothing is easier to use than Roger inspiro. There are no frequencies to program and manage, and devices such as Roger receivers are connected with just a single click.

Full Compatibility

Roger is the most compatible system of its kind. Roger inspiro works with virtually every behind-the-ear hearing aid, cochlear implant and soundfield amplification system, and is the only system capable of transmitting speech simultaneously to Roger, FM and soundfield listeners.