Dear Irene

You may be interested to hear some of my thoughts on my Phonak hearing aids and accessories.

One of the most striking things is the improved enjoyment and ease when using the Phonak DECT 11 telephone. With the DECT phone playing in both ears I really enjoy telephone conversations, this for the first time in many years. One amusing side effect is that when a family member used to call my first reaction was always to pass the phone to my wife, now I’m able to chat away while she looks on frustrated, impatient for her turn !

With the Compilot I also enjoy using my mobile phone now as this plays directly into both ears, I also receive text messages verbally.

The Compilot is also great for listening to music from my iphone or ipad, it is similar to having high quality stereo headphones without the wires.The TV link with the Compilot is also very good.

Finally I thank you for your kindness and patience in the time you have spent in adjusting the many settings to better suit my circumstances.

Lawrence Ingham, Longridge