Types of hearing aids

Digital hearing aids are manufactured in many different styles, sizes and colour. Each level of technology is available in the style of hearing aid you prefer.

Hearing Aid Styles

Are two hearing aids better than one?

Just like our eyes, our ears work best as a pair.

Modern hearing aids are designed to work together sending speech from one ear to the other – as if your hearing aids were talking to each other. The best hearing aid technology provides better speech understanding in even the most challenging listening environments.

Less effort, more ease

The abundance of sounds in life can be tiring, requiring constant concentration and great listening effort.

Everyday you move between many different listening situations. The best hearing aids will adapt to your precise environment. They will, for example, recognise when you are in a noisy restaurant and activate the  ”Comfort in Noise” program. If you then start a conversation, they will not switch completely into the “Speech in Noise” program but blend the two to precisely match your listening environment.

The universal language of music

Music is like a world of it’s own. It speaks a universal language that touches your emotions. The very best hearing aids give you back the pleasure of music to enjoy the now, or reminisce about past experiences and special occasions.