Tony and Nugget

I knew I was at a crossroads. After 5 years of semi-retirement and a good part time job, I was realising my ability to work was under threat. Having had hearing aids for the last seven years that I had flirted with off and on, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me, I was missing far to much in conversation to carry on working effectively.

I had never been comfortable with my NHS aids. They worked, but I never felt easy with them. Wearing reading glasses I often knocked them off. It was a problem keeping them in for more than a couple of hours, despite trying different ear pieces.

My thoughts moved onto doing something different. Rather than take a different direction in my life, as I was more than happy with the job I was doing, my wife persuaded me to visit Preston Hearing Aid Centre.

You never get a second chance with first impressions! The Hearing Centre is run by Irene, a professional and highly qualified hearing aid audiologist who has a mass of experience and knowledge that can be passed on to anyone who needs help in this area. I was assessed and recommendations were made as to best address my problems.

Nothing was too much trouble. It was personal service of the highest standard.

My wife joined me for the choice of aids. Being only 62 years old, we hoped the aids would be used for many years to come. Therefore it seemed quite logical to go for the choice of an insert type. My ear cast was taken and within the week I was the proud possessor of a new pair of Phonak Titanium in the canal hearing aids.

The fitting and commissioning of the aids was quite exciting and within half an hour I was ringing my wife, on my mobile, from the city centre to say they were fitted. Something I couldn’t have done previously due to the background noise.

I’ve only had the aids a week, Irene wants to see me again soon to see how things are progressing, I will be delighted to report back to her.

Tony Duckworth, Lostock Hall, Preston