Connect to your world

Oticon Opn connects directly to your iPhone, so you can use your phone like everyone else. Use your hearing aids like stereo headphones to talk on the phone or stream music directly to your hearing aids. Control the volume and change programs with just a tap of your finger.

Hands-free phone calls and wireless audio

Oticon Opn hearing aids can also become a wireless headset for Android phones, tablets and computers using ConnectClip.

ConnectClip streams your phone conversations directly to your hearing aids, so you can talk hands-free, wherever you are. It works with practically any mobile phone. You can also connect wirelessly to your laptop or tablet for video calls or Skype – or for simply playing music and audio in your hearing aids.

For landlines, ConnectClip uses a phone adaptor. When your phone rings, you simply press the ConnectClip. You don’t even have to get up to answer.