Widex announces the launch of Beyond Z –  a rechargeable solution for it’s highly successful Beyond range of hearing aids. Beyond Z lets users stream better and longer and also includes a retrofit option for existing Beyond users.

“The Widex Beyond was launched in November 2016. The combination of superior sound quality and effortless smartphone integration in Beyond is proving to be a popular solution for hearing aid wearers,” said Jorgen Jensen, CEO, Widex.

Beyond already has the lowest power drain of any streaming hearing aid. With the introduction of the rechargeable Beyond Z, Widex can provide the longest streaming time of any rechargeable hearing aid available – without ever compromising the superior Widex sound performance.

Not only that, current Beyond users will be able to get Beyond Z by having their current Beyond hearing aids retrofitted for a fee.

Until recently, rechargeable hearing aids were limited to using nickel-metal hybrid batteries that frequently deliver less than a full day of power. ZPower has created an innovative silver-zinc rechargeable battery technology that when combined with Widex market leading low power consumption delivers a full day of power on a single charge.

“Right now, the market is also offering rechargeable hearing aids. Building on the success of Beyond, the introduction of a rechargeable option was a natural next step ” according to Jorgen Jensen, CEO, Widex.

The first shipments in the UK will be in January 2018 and will cover all Beyond models.