Widex Custom in-the-ear hearing aid

The WIDEX CUSTOM Hearing Aid Perfect Fit – Superior Sound

Every ear is different, but that doesn’t mean that every single one shouldn’t enjoy the superior WIDEX UNIQUE sound.

The new, redesigned WIDEX CUSTOM offers many new benefits for the user.

Optimal Sound.

In CUSTOM captured sound is handled by the sound classifier, which allows the hearing aids to automatically adapt to variousĀ  listening situations. This allows CUSTOM to automatically provide optimal clarity, comfort and audibility in every situation – without manual adjustment of your hearing aids.

Always in control

With fully customisable controls you can adjust the settings of the CUSTOM in-the-ear hearing aids in the manner that suits you.

There are options for program button and volume wheel – or fully automatic.

Stay Connected

CUSTOM connects to assistive listening devices, communicating effortlessly with:

  • Mobile phones
  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Landline phones

The combination of a 312 battery and the lowest power consumption in the industry lets CUSTOM maintain connection for longer, without sacrificing sound quality.

Widex Custom has been completely redesigned which means that more hearing aid users can enjoy the superior Widex sound quality in a very small in-the-ear or in-the-canal hearing aid.