New Amplicomms TV200 Wireless Headset

TV Accessory

If hearing loss means the TV is too loud fro everyone else in the room, a TV Listener will help you hear without annoying anyone, including the neighbours!

A new wireless headset system allows you to choose your preferred volume, even if the television sound is turned off. The volume of the new TV200 from Amplicomms can be amplified to 112dB, that’s as loud as a rock concert, whilst tweaking the tone and balance controls enhances speech and clarity.

The lightweight headset has a built in microphone option, so conversation in the room can be picked up and the sound source turned off, so you will never miss out on a chat.

Simple to set up, the base unit plugs directly into the sound source such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, CD, TV or radio, wirelessly transmitting the sound to the rechargeable headset.

Using advanced infrared technology, the sound won’t be interrupted if you leave the room or someone walks in front of you.

Amplicomms say the product is designed for comfort and is lightweight and easy to wear.