Stiline-WS Audiology’s first launch is exclusive to independent audiologists

In its first product launch as part of the newly melded WS Audiology, Sivantos and Widex has launched an ‘innovative’ slim RIC: Stiline BT. This is one of four G5 technology models released in June, and is exclusively for UK independent hearing care professionals.

“Stiline BT breaks down the barriers to hearing aid acceptance, appealing to the tech-savvy with advanced technological features, while serving their on-the-go needs and lifestyle requirements,” points our Sivantos.

Sivantos key G5 features are:

Occlumatic: dual processing strategy, one for the wearers own voice and one for the soundscape

Direct Audio Streaming: for automatic Bluetooth connectivity for calls and music

MotionSense: using the Smart Direct app for situation detection through Android and iOS smartphones

SpatialSpot: for effortless conversation

AudioLink: for binaural signal processing