My new Phonak Hearing Aids have changed my life

I knew I was at a crossroads. After 5 years of semi-retirement and a good part time job, I was realising my ability to work was under threat. Having had hearing aids for the last seven years that I had flirted with off and on, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me, I was missing…

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Introducing Phonak Virto B-Titanium

¬† Super Discreet ¬†Virto B Titanium is the smallest Phonak in-the-ear hearing aid ever! It’s so discreet that nobody will see how well you hear. Custom-made from titanium Virto B-Titanium is custom-made to fit perfectly in your ear. It’s made from medical grade titanium which makes it incredibly strong, light and durable. Fully automatic Virto…

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